I am a lifetime member of SCI, FNAWS, and the NRA, and believe that all hunters should join and particitapte in one of the many great hunting and conservation programs throughout the world.

Itís important for hunters give back, whether itís helping the animals or the people, who live among them, choosing an organization that is important to you, can make a difference for all of us.

Traveling to Africa on several occasions and hunting in multiple countries, I have experienced some amazing adventures. However, along with many of those great experiences, there have been some brutal memories as well.

Poaching in Africa continues to destroy wildlife at a very alarming pace. Without hunters on the ground and giving back to the communities, the loss of wildlife through subsistence and commercial poaching would be far worse.

A few years ago some friends of mine, Nick Ohanisin and Bill Banister, were hunting with Barry Style and Buffalo Range safaris in the Chiredzi River conservancy in Zimbabwe. While they were out on a hunt some of the local game scouts found a Black rhino cow that had been poached. The calf was still alive, but critically injured. Luckily both Nick and Bill are skilled vets and were able to save the baby calf.

This episode, and many others like it, over the years, was the catalyst for a small group of us who have hunted in the Chiredzi river conservancy led to the development of a conservation fund to help the Styles family operate a vigilant anti poaching campaign in the Chiredzi River conservancy.

If you have any interest in joining or supporting our cause, please click on this link to learn more.