Death in Masailand
Death in Masailand is Big Bore Production's latest release. Filmed and edited entirely in HIGH DEFINITION, Death in Masailand was filmed during the 2005 season in Tanzania. Mark Buchanan's 21-day safari through Western Tanzania and Masailand is one of the greatest African hunting tapes ever made, featuring Lion and Leopard kills, Lesser Kudu, Fringe Eared Oryx, and 18 other plains game hunts. You'll see the best hunting Africa has to offer, captured in some of the most scenic areas in Tanzania. This film features hunts including Leopard and Topi with a .275 Rigby rifle made by Joe Smithson specifically for this safari , and a Dan'l Fraser .375 double used on Lion, Hippo,Wildebeast, Zebra and more. This is traditional East African safari hunting the way it was meant to be, with Swanepoel & Scandrol Safaris as host. Seeing is believing! Big Bore Productions presents "Death in Masailand."

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Death in Masailand - Front Cover
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Death in Masailand - Back Cover
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